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The SafeStart Awards Program

Congratulations! If you've already completed some SafeStart training with your family you're already a winner by helping keep them safe.

But now's your chance to win even more! You and your family have 40 chances to win* instant prizes and entries into our quarterly grand prize draws.

And the odds are in your favor! Of course the chances of winning depend on the number of people participating and your ability to answer some simple questions based on the workbooks and Taking SafeStart Home video, but unlike some contests, real people actually win real prizes—like Mr. Weppelman pictured below from Abarta Coca Cola!

It's really easy too. After each unit you complete simply call the Awards Hotline, enter your company, employee and family identifiers followed by the quiz ID for that unit and answer the question. You'll know instantly if you got it right and won an instant prize or if you were entered into the next grand prize draw.

If you win an instant prize, note your prize level letter and then visit the Award of Excellence website to select your prize or you can choose to donate your prize to Give Kids the World.

Once you've decided, fill out this form to claim your prize!


*Note: The Awards program is currently only available
 in English and only in Canada and the United States.


View the Awards Brochure for Details

If your company is participating in this program, you should have received this brochure with your workplace training to bring home to your family along with your company ID and instructions. 

Congratulations to Alan Robinson!
He is one of our Grand Prize winners, shown here with his wife, Helena, and
Vermeer Corporation President and
CEO, Mary Andringa!



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